Pet Services Specific

Want to win with integrity
in the pet services industry?

We'll tell you how.

cal_puppies.jpgThe pet services industry is BOOMING. And it only keeps exploding, even though bad economies. But this does not mean it is an easy industry in which to succeed. In fact, the opposite is true. It is an incredibly over-crowded, competitive, and contentious market. And unfortunately, because people are emotional about their pets - and pets can’t talk - there is a fair amount of foul play.

So, how do you compete, let alone thrive in this market? We can tell you because WE’VE DONE IT. We know how to win with integrity in the pet services industry. And we want to help you do it too.

We can consult with you on:


We will help you with business plans, cash flow projections, lease negotiations, and -  in some cases - facility lay outs and materials. Do it right the first time.

Business strategy

HOW exactly are you going to have fun, keep your love and excitement, and earn a great living in this industry? (Specific to service related businesses, not retail.)

People Management

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of pet services industry. You need “animal people” but they need to be “people people” too. And because working with animals is overly romanticized, when the reality is grueling and often gross, turnover can be an issue.

Dog Bite Prevention

For grooming, veterinary, and kenneling businesses you can save on workers comp claims, absenteeism, and stress if your staff knows the secrets to preventing dog bites through understanding dog behavior.

Dog Playgroup Management

Anyone who visited Downtown Dogs while Anne owned it will tell you it was the quietest playgroups they had EVER seen. They were blown away that packs stayed calm as people walked through the door and fights and bites were almost non-existent. We can train you and train your staff on how to achieve this excellent experience for your dogs and staff.