People Management Training Series

People Management Series

This is our most popular for a reason: managing people is a very challenging skill set. And the Managing Hearts way makes it fun and very rewarding.

It’s true what they say. People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Your teams and ultimately your business profitability is dependent on good people management. But, it's not easy. We will give you the training you need to be a successful people manager.


People Management Training Series

What is a leader? 1.5 hours Learn the basic building blocks of developing yourself and those around you into an outstanding leader - one who supports employees, drives great business performance and makes a real difference.
Driving Culture 1 hour Culture trumps strategy every time. But what is culture and how do you get the one you envision? Culture is a big “buzz word” now and with good reason. It will make or break your retention, performance, referrals, and repeat customers and make a significant difference in how much management energy has to go into it.

But managing to the culture you want isn’t a series of actions - or putting up a few posters. It’s a way of life. This seminar can help leaders identify and develop the habits needed to effortlessly create and maintain the culture they envision.
Leading for Retention and Results 1 hour Learn the fundamental perspective you must have to bring out the best in every employee and promote retention, job satisfaction, and outstanding performance. Learn to identify the strengths and individuality of each employee.
The ABCs of Employee Engagement 2.5 hours There is a difference between loyalty and retention. Learn how to retain employees by keeping their hearts in their work.
Hooray for Mistakes! 1.5 hours Make your business stronger by building a workplace where there is accountability and learning from mistakes is valued. Watch your employees flourish and give to the organization once the tension of the “blame game” is lifted!
Good-Bye Gossip 1 hour Are cliques & gossip hurting your team? Here’s a quick, positive, and direct presentation to teach people where gossip comes from and what to do to evaporate it from your team.
Managing for Non-Managers 1 hour Employees the hardest part of your job? Want your career to advance but don’t want to manage people? The good news is “non-managers” often make the very best managers and love their jobs. We can show you how.
Confronting Confrontation 1.5 hours Hate confrontation? Good. You’re a better leader without it. Learn what to do instead.

In this class you will develop the confidence and skills to handle feedback, escalations, performance problems, and other situations effectively, directly, and positively—without confrontation.
Don't Delegate - Intelligate! 1 hour “You’ve got to delegate” is a command heard all too often by managers, leaders, and small business owners. And it’s true. The problem is this: doing it well takes real skill and there aren’t a lot of resources that break down how to do it right. And if you do it wrong, there are big consequences. And if you don’t do it, there are big consequences. This class gives you the fundamental skills needed to make smart decisions about how and when to delegate.
Customized Leadership Training
Contact us Managing Hearts can provide assessment (or use an existing assessment) of the needs specific to your employees, business, or industry and create training to target your unique needs.