People Management for Dog People

When "Sit!" and "Stay!" won't work

You might be the best dog handler ever, but managing people is a whole different ball game. We'll help you understand the differences and put your background to work managing your human team.

Managing Hearts owner Anne Hendrickson founded, grew, and operated one of the largest dog daycare and boarding kennels in the country for 10 years. She can help you through every step of the way.


People Management for Dog People

Winning in the Pet Services Industry 2 hours With the pet services industry booming everyone wants a piece of the pie. So it is oversaturated and many parts fairly unregulated. Learn what you can do to win in this competitive, young, and very exciting and rewarding industry.
Infrastructure 2 hours People mistakes bringing you down? Develop a “mistake proof” workplace and promote employee performance and peace of mind by relying on systems and tools rather than people.
Customized Training Contact us We offer customized training focused on dog behavior, employee safety while managing animals, or training employees. We will assess the needs of your organization and provide targeted, effective training.