Customer Service Training Series

Customer Service Series

Develop the desire in your employees to deliver an amazing customer experience each time.

We offer two delivery options:

Seminar: One of our trainers meets in a “round table” format an intimate group of leaders and employees, teaching facilitating and aligning best practices.

Interactive Lecture/Presentation: For a larger audience we can do a more traditional presentation format. It is still highly interactive and drives excitement and innovation.


Customer Service Series

Customer Service 101:
The Managing Hearts Way
1.5 hours Good customer service not only improves client retention, it improves employee retention and loyalty. With good customer service ideals and practices employees experience significantly less emotional wear and “job stress” and more job satisfaction and pride.
Escalated Clients:
Prevention, Turn-Around, and Retention
1 hour As a customer I’m always amazed that the vast majority of front line service providers lack basic skills in preventing and turning around escalated customers. What a difference it would make in their work experience (and hence performance and retention) and customer loyalty. Managing Hearts can equip front line employees and managers with the basic tool kit to avoid and turn around escalated situations and build happy, loyal, repeat business.
Competitive Edge:
Rock the customer experience to win handily in the marketplace
1 hour Winning in the marketplace through creating amazing customer experiences.
Customized customer service training Contact us Managing Hearts can provide assessment (or use an existing assessment) of the needs specific to your employees, business, or industry and create training to target your unique needs.