Our Training Series

The exact training you need to get results in your business.

Our training is custom tailored to work in larger organizations where in-house training is in place AND in smaller companies without in-house training.


Managing Hearts offers a number of presentation series for companies with different kinds of needs - each is customizable for your specific needs. One focuses on how to build a culture of outstanding customer service in your organization, another on how to develop excellent leaders. In addition, we offer presentations for people ready to grow their business (or to get started) as well as a pro bono series that serves people re-entering the workforce.

We are flexible to meet the unique needs of your organization. The presentations can be delivered as a series or stand alone and delivered in seminar or interactive lecture format. We can train your trainers or deliver our training directly to your people.

Our presentations are unique in that they promote employee engagement through building culture and aligning best practices as well as presenting new information.

How can our presentations and training development be used by your organization?

For organizations WITH in-house Training and Development Departments

Anne, the owner of Managing Hearts “grew up” in the training department of a Fortune 500 Company. So we can work seamlessly within your training department (it’s our natural habitat and we love it) and truly understand your needs, challenges, and demands. We can complement your customer service and emerging leader curriculums or completely own them. We are also a great option when you can’t add to staff but have a temporary increase in resource needs or want to increase your deliverables without significantly adding to your cost. Some options include:

  1. Stand alone “one off” presentations or seminars:
    We can come in-house and deliver one or a series of presentations to enhance your company’s new hire, on-going, customer service, or emerging leader training curriculum. They may be delivered by Managing Hearts or your organizations trainers. (Customizations available to meet your companies specific processes and culture goals.)

  2. Need based, custom designed training:
    If your company’s culture assessment, leadership, or customer service delivery has specific issues a leader would like to address we can customize a module or series just for you. Contracting on a one time or ongoing basis with Managing Hearts can be a great solution for you to keep focused on all the current demands and still deliver more without additional pressure and stretched resources.

For organizations WITHOUT in-house training departments

For smaller businesses or businesses that have made the decision to outsource employee training and development Managing Hearts provides many solutions. Our presentations and seminars can be customized to create a complete Emerging Leader Training and/or Customer Service Training that gives your company a competitive advantage both in service delivery and retention.

Managing Hearts founder Anne, “grew up” in a training department of a fortune 500 company known for its strong commitment to training and development. She then went on to open, own, and operate a Dog Daycare/Boarding kennel where she developed training and retention strategies for hundreds of employees. So we can accommodate any level of in-house involvement and bring innovation, energy, and results to your company with or without an in house training department. All you need are customers, employees and a desire to be more competitive and profitable.

Want to try before you buy? Good! Managing Hearts offers one free, no obligation session.