Employee issues?
Customer frustration?
Operational effectiveness?

We've got this.

There are no two ways about it. Your business success is connected to your employees' performance. Employee performance, loyalty, and satisfaction are all connected. And strong customer service is connected to your business success - obviously - but also to your employee satisfaction.

If you are feeling frustrated with your employees ability to think critically, make good decisions, comply with processes and your requests or give the kind of customer service you want, you are not alone.

If you have HR questions as you begin to hire employees, or about their ongoing performance management, then you are thinking about all the right things.

We can help you create a strongly performing business through loyal repeat customers, and loyal high-performing employees.

We'll go through a diagnostics phase with you to figure out exactly what's wrong. (We really don't want to start working on the engine if it's really the transmission that needs help. You get it.) Most of the time we discover a disconnect and can go about making your organization amazing and something you love. All the time.


Living in fear of online reviews?

Well that's good, because at least you understand the reality, and that is over half the battle. But they can be hard to avoid when competitors will place negative reviews, there are misunderstandings, and other factors that make your bad review less than valid. The good news is, you can do more than you think. 

Where do you start? What will actually fix the problem?

Is it a hiring problem? A training problem? Attitudes? Rules? And what will fix it? More than that, what will start fixing it FAST.

Bad customer service simply cannot be ignored. If you're like most companies, your customers are not experiencing the great customer service you believe you're delivering. Sobering thought.


Why it matters.

Well obviously it matters to business success because repeat business and business through referrals are good for the bottom line. It's true what they say: Customer service IS the new marketing.  But it's much more significant than that. Having a culture of strong customer empathy where the employees understand their significance in the customers lives retains employees (good for business and the bottom line) and gives them more job satisfaction which starts a powerful cycle of progress. And we all know what bad customer service does to us emotionally and the ripple effects. AND what good customer service does. You can bring more good and happiness to a world that desperately needs it if you offer amazing customer service.

We want you to be able to fix the things that are wrong and not waste any more time. We'll get to the heart of it. And fast. We want you to be in that small group of companies who actually deliver great customer service. The sooner you start turning it around, the better off you'll be. Those bad reviews last forever.


When you're struggling for answers, we're here to help. Call. Write. We'll get you through it. Believe you can change it and then do exactly what you need to do to make it real.