The MH Principles

What do we believe?

The Managing Hearts Model is Simple:
  • Strong business are made of strong people.
  • Strong people develop through strong leadership.
  • Strong leadership depends on YOU. It is a way of life, not a series of actions.

You want a booming, successful business with minimal stress, and maximum satisfaction. Getting there might seem a long hard road, but it is easier than you think. Managing Hearts can "fast track" you there.

Rule #1

A strong business is built of strong employees. And strong employees are developed by (and attracted by) strong leaders and the culture they create and nurture.

Rule #2

People don't buy from businesses, they buy from people. And people don't leave jobs. They leave managers.

Rule #3

The whole employee comes to work. While a boundary between "personal" and "professional" is paramount, a leadership prospective that focuses on whole wellness will bring in the very best employees every day.

Rule #4

Engaged employees make the business stronger for a myriad of reasons. They give more, stay longer, and attract and retain customers.

Rule #5

Above anything else you can give your employees, these two things are the most valuable: a sense of belonging and significance.

Rule #6

Retaining customers through outstanding customer service is directly connected to retaining satisfied employees.

Rule #7

Leadership is a service to another human being.