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About Our Founder

Anne: In her words

I live the dream! I left Corporate America to open a dog daycare and boarding business. The business was very successful and I loved (and still love) it. I never planned to stop. But we created so much love it turned out to be my exit strategy too. (This was good because I didn't exactly have one). A customer had such an amazing experience with the business and most specifically the staff, he wanted to buy the business. And I wasn't even looking to sell! So, I sold and at age 39 have semi-retired. (Just in time to raise my beautiful children).

Now I get to do the fun part. Helping other people do the same thing! I get to combine all my experience (and enthusiasm) in training, presenting, leading people, problem solving, and helping.

Whatever challenge you are experiencing, I've been there, and I've solved it and know how to turn something awful into something awesome. And I love helping create great people who propel amazing businesses. I can help with business start-up, operations, problems, leadership, interpersonal dynamics and employee engagement, and next steps. I love customer service, people management (especially Millennials), and helping tackle any problem, big or small!

Some parts of owning and operating the business came easily to me. This included common sense strategy, innovating, and confident decision making. It was easy for me to maintain unwavering care for my employees, but people management was a struggle. The stress never seemed to end and I believed what everyone said that "employees are the hardest part of running a business" and the myth that "millennials" lack work ethic and executive function. But I am here to tell you, if you do it right, employees are the BEST part and "millennials" can be the best thing that ever happened to you. I am not kidding.

Managing people ended up being the most fulfilling, exciting, and motivating part of running a business. And ultimately the hardest part to leave. So, I'm glad I get to take the show on the road, so to speak.

I am the mom of two sweet boys and three furry family members. We love to travel, learn, play, be active and help people any way we can!

Managing Hearts Point of View

All business are unique but they have one thing in common. They exist to make money. This is nothing to apologize for or shy away from. (It doesn't mean money is all you care about, in fact, the opposite is probably true. But we all kind of need money.)

So the question then becomes how do you make the most money, with integrity? And you don't need a consultant to answer that question. It is simple and we all know it. Increase revenue and decrease costs.

But, if THAT were easy to do, everyone would have a booming, successful business. And if that was really all it took, people wouldn't leave businesses every day for opportunities with less money and better quality of life. THIS is why you need consultants.

Managing Hearts knows, because we've lived it, and now live well because of it, that a strong, competitive business with only good challenge and stress stems from outstanding leadership. And anyone can become an outstanding leader. Sometimes the people who "fear" confrontation the most, are the most soft spoken, and lacking in skill and confidence can become the strongest leaders.

Outstanding leadership cultivates a culture where employees are engaged and customers are loyal. How do you do that? Well, its a way of life and a constant learning curve. But it stems from the premises that people can't function as well if their emotional needs aren't met. So at Managing Hearts we focus on teaching leaders and employees how to effortlessly create a culture where employee and customer's emotional needs are met, so the rest can fall into place.