And watch your business grow.

People Leadership Redefined!

Make your empathetic, energetic, and productive culture real & sustaining!

Managing Hearts is an employee and customer service consulting company serving small business, non profits and organizational leaders. We have a unique and innovative philosophy to organizational management based on neurosciences and experience. We can help you increase your profits and decrease your stress through proven customer and employee retention practices and employee engagement.

Additionally we offer specialized consulting for the pet services industry because the founder of Managing Hearts was formerly the owner of a strong, successful dog daycare and boarding business.

 What is the Managing Hearts philosophy? It's pretty simple.

If you want your business to have the maximum competitive advantage, you must create a work environment where employees' hearts are in their work. Managing Hearts can show you how.

Leaders Everywhere! Are you:

  • Frustrated with employee errors?
  • Frustrated with employee and customer compliance?
  • Struggling with cross shift communication?
  • Delegating things and having them not get done well, or at all?
  • Experiencing turn over?
  • Have team dynamic problems such lacking employee engagement, gossip, poor performance, turn over, or constant stress?

We've got solutions.

Do you want:

  • Strongly performing, engaged employees?
  • Loyal customers who love you?
  • A stronger bottom line through reduced expenditures and increased customers?
  • Emerging leader training and development?
  • Ongoing leadership training?
  • To learn more about B Corp people strategy?
  • To understand and apply the cutting-edge world of Shareholder Capitalism?

Managing Hearts can help!

Two ways we can help - right now:

Find out what's REALLY wrong and fix it. Our Specialty Consulting and Customized Training will help you get the results you want.

Specialty Consulting

Wherever you are in your business development, we can help. In our individualized consulting we discuss your business, your challenges, your goals, and help you implement a plan to make them happen.

Our consulting services are designed for your business and its specific needs. And, while every business is different they all have one thing in common: they are there to make money. We can help you make the most money by creating the best products, work environments, and employees.


Customized Training

Build client retention and great PR through employees whose hearts are filled by giving great customer service. 

Our work begins with an evaluation of the current climate, practices and systems. Our training is then customized for your business so your people can give great customer service - day in and day out - and you can manage them to continue that process.